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             Pre-Order for June 2023              

Honey Sticks, 3 for $1
3 oz. Gift Jar w/Honey...$4 
4 oz. Gift Jar w/Honey...$5 
4 oz. Gift Jar w/Honeycomb...$6
12 oz. Honey Bear Squeeze Bottle...$8​​
12 oz. Honey in Glass Gift Jar...$9
16 oz. Honey in Glass Jar...$10
24 oz. Honey Bear Squeeze Bottle...$14
Two-Pound Honey Glass Jar...$18
Three Pounds Honey - glass or plastic squeeze bottle - $24
Pure blocks of beeswax  - $2 per 2.5 ounces / $10 per pound



*BOTTTLE RETURN POLICY:  Bottles must be in reusable condition. We will wash and sterilize returned jars. Return of lids appreciated (not required). Applies only to local, in-person sales.

50 cents off next purchase when you 
return a glass honey jar* 

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