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10 Ways to Enjoy Honey Every Day

By Bob Weeks, Co-Owner of Weeks Honeybees


I wanted to share these ways I personally add honey into my everyday diet....

  1. Cereal. I have consumed at least one bowl of cereal daily for most of my life. Years ago I switched from sugar on my Cheerios and Wheaties to honey. Why? Here are a few reasons:  1) Honey just tasted better; 2) Honey didn’t settle to the bottom of the bowl like sugar; 3) Honey is healthier than sugar; 4) Honey is a local industry. Every community has local beekeepers – when was the last time your neighbor was a sugar producer?

  2. Tea. No need to say much here. Honey and tea just go together, whether as a remedy for colds or a soothing break from a stressful day.

  3. Peanut Butter Sandwiches. It turns out, Elvis was right. Honey, bananas, bacon, and peanut butter between a couple of pieces of bread. What could be better?

  4. On a spoon. Yes, licking the honey off a spoon isn’t just for children; it’s for smart adults with allergies or just a spur of the moment hankering to enjoy some of nature’s liquid gold.

  5. Eggs. Yes, I love to mix some honey in with my scrambled eggs (laid by our backyard hens)!

  6. Bread. No dessert to be found? Just take a piece of bread, drizzle some honey on it, fold it and consume it. A simple, easy way to satisfy a craving.

  7. Biscuits. OK, I know you’re saying biscuits are also bread, but I can’t resist. A hot southern-style biscuit (thank you Grandma Stone) soaked in hot butter and topped with honey is almost heaven. I eat mine with a fork!

  8. Ice Cream. Did you know that ice cream melts slower when topped with honey? And it certainly tastes better!

  9. Fruits. Honey improves strawberries, blueberries, and just about any berry you can think of. And honey with beaches in milk is a combination I’ve enjoyed since I was a little boy.

  10. Nuts. Drizzle honey on your favorite nuts and bake. A great way to bring a little bit of sweetness to a salty treat.

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