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"This bottle of your honey my daughter gave me for my birthday was the very best yet. It tasted like the honey my mother used to

buy locally from a gentleman who kept hives of bees.... I so love it!!!!! I must wonder - what were the bees feasting on!"  - from Sandra

"I swear this was the best honey I've ever had.... I can't get honey any more local than this!"  - from Robert

$1 off your next purchase when you 
return a glass honey jar* 

Honey Sticks, 3 for $1
3 oz. Gift Jar...$4
4 oz. Gift Jar...$5
4 oz. Gift Jar with Honeycomb...$6
12 oz. Honey Bear Squeeze Bottle...$8​​
12 oz. Glass Gift Jar...$9
One Pound Honey Glass Jar...$1
24 oz. Honey Bear Squeeze Bottle...$14
Two-Pound Honey Glass Jar...$18
Three pounds honey - glass or plastic squeeze bottle - $24
Pure blocks of beeswax  - $2 per 2.5 ounces / $10 per pound

100% Pure, Raw, Local Honey

We provide delicious 100% pure, raw honey from beehives in Staunton, Virginia. Our honey is "cold-extracted" at room temperature and never heated or processed. This method ensures that all the pollen, enzymes, vitamins and minerals are intact. We tend our hives without the use of harmful pesticides or chemicals.


NOTE: Honey does not spoil and does not need refrigeration. Refrigeration speeds up crystallization. If your honey crystallizes,

it can be "re-liquified" by reheating. 

NOTE: Honey should not be fed to infants under one.

Spring/Summer 2022 Honey & Wax


Call 540-225-2579 to order or visit us at the Verona Farmer's Market on

Wednesdays (Augusta Government Center) from 11 - 2 or the Waynesboro

Farmer's Market Saturdays from 9-1. Credit cards accepted.

Our bee yards in the Staunton area:  Project Grows, Verona UMC, College Park in Staunton 


PHOTOS ON LEFT, CLOCKWISE:  1) Beekeeper and retired pastor Bob Weeks at one of our bee yards;
2: Members of a local Scout Troop install new hive stands at the Verona UMC bee yard as part of an Eagle Scout project; 3) Our honey sent from Staunton to Oman in the Middle East; 4) Scouts in front of completed hive stands; 5) Bob and Lydia Weeks' granddaughter Annie uncapping frames of honey; 6) Wildflower field planted to provide nectar and pollen for our hives at Verona UMC.

The Story Behind Weeks Honeybees

Retired Pastor Bob Weeks and his wife Lydia have worked in partnership with honeybees for over 30 years. In 1998, Bob sold his business and farm in Northern Virginia and became a United Methodist Pastor. In 2013, his church in Verona worked with him to establish a bee yard on a 5-acre field next to the church on Rt. 11. For almost a decade, the proceeds from the sale of honey from this bee yard have benefited a local food pantry, the Verona Community Center, and a new church plant - Aisle 7 Fellowship in Verona.

In June 2022, Pastor Bob and his wife Lydia established Weeks Honeybees, LLC. as a means to both support his family in retirement and to continue to give 40% of the proceeds from the church bee-yard to community missions. Through Weeks Honeybees, he and Lydia are able to spend more time with their long-time passion for honeybees.

What We Believe About Bees & Honey

Weeks Honeybees believes that beekeeping is about relationships and not just a business. We are family-owned and our honey is bottled by hand, oftentimes with the aid of our friends and family. We strive to ensure that in every step of the process, including tending to the hives and extracting the honey, our bees are protected, the honey retains its most beneficial properties; and we offer our customers the greatest value for their money.

We believe bees are our primary teachers when it comes to their welfare. We consider them one of God's greatest miracles. Their role in caring for creation demands that we treat them with all the respect and care they deserve.



Weeks Honeybees, LLC

127 College Circle

Staunton, VA 24401



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